My Personal Experience With Online Presence


As a college student who is starting to apply to part time jobs and internships I have begun to understand how important the web is in the job market. Before I knew much about online presence, I was very skeptical about submitting resumes and applying to jobs online. I never understood how some one could get to know me as a potential employee without meeting me in person. There is so much competition out there that I don’t want the first impression I give to be from a screen where everyone seems the same. It is true that the web can take away some personal aspects. Regardless, most parts of the application process are being put online and those in the job market have to learn to adapt.

This summer, I applied for over 20 jobs and didn’t get many call backs. Out of those 20, I spoke directly to the employers only a quarter of the time. During that time, I wished I could have talk to them face to face to get ahead of the competition.

This being said, there are many benefits to creating a presence online that makes the first impression. You can refine your information. Also, there is less opportunity to be unprepared for questions or fumble over answers during an interview. It was also easier for me as an employee to apply to multiple jobs in a shorter amount of time.

I am learning to better appreciate the benefits of applying for jobs online. Also, as I learn more about how to create a strong online presence that will impress employers, I am becoming less weary of the digital world. I hope that through making this blog I can further educate myself and others about making a good reputation for myself on the web.


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