Forbes Article on Online Presence


An article in Forbes magazine explains the importance of having a good online presence. Author Dan Schawbel explains why an online presence will be more important than a resume in the near future. This may seem surprising, but Schawbel backed it up with data: OfficeTeam [a leading staffing service] shows that more than one-third of companies feel that resumes will be replaced by profiles on social networks. This information means that creating a positive identity online is even more important if you’re seeking employment in the next few years.

I think this article is valid because the points he outlines reflect the way that technology, and especially the web, are more prominent in all aspects of society. The article is also helpful because Schawbel doesn’t just tell you why you should create a better internet presence, he tells you how to do so. He explains the importance of creating a website at as a first step to help employers see what you have to offer them. According to Schawbel, creating a website will help you to have control over how you are perceived.

This website is the core of your online presence and if you optimize it effectively, it will rank number one for your name in major search engines such as Google. 

Finally, Schawbel helps readers understand how to create diverse identity online with the social networks you are already a part of or those you didn’t know you needed to be on.

Also, your online presence should contain social network profiles, with vanity URL’s, on Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter at a minimum. I would also get listed on sites, such as, and obtain your Google profile.

Overall, the article makes it clear that having an online presence is crucial in order to get jobs in this technology driven age. If you have a good online presence, it will help you stand out among all the other words on a screen.

By building your online presence, employers can find you and thus you have more opportunities. If you don’t have an online presence, you won’t appear to be relevant and you will be passed over for more savvy applicants that have visibility.


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