What does this blog aim to do?

The following blog explores what it means to have a strong online presence, why it is important to have one and how to have one yourself. By filtering through research to find the most important information, I hope to aid you in your quest of creating an online presence you are proud of. I believe that knowledge, both of what is out there about you in the digital world and of what people hope to see when they look up a potential employee, client, or student online, is the most important tool any of us can have.

Who is this blog trying to reach?

This blog is targeted to reach any one who is trying to create a strong online presence. It is important for almost everyone to build up a prominent reputation online.

Internet connection

What is an online presence?

An online presence is “any existence of an individual or business that can be found via an online search,” according to Michael Cohn of CompuKul Connection. Therefore, it is not just a website but every piece of information that comes up under one’s name on a search engine. This includes social networks (private and public), online portfolios, articles about the person or company, comments made online by the person or company, and more.

Every detail counts when it comes to online presence. Being aware of what’s out there and how it can affect you is crucial. Even the smallest of details, such as an impressive email domain name or a aesthetically pleasing website can make a difference with employers or potential clients.


Why is it important to have a strong online presence?

Having a prominent and positive online presence is not only important for businesses but also for individuals who are aiming to get a job in the near future. The job application process is now almost all online so creating a name for yourself on the web is becoming crucial.

It is very important for college students to be wary of what they post online if they are concerned with their future. This includes private information along with school projects that may not be the student’s proudest work.

College admissions officers are even beginning to look at high school senior’s social media profiles in order to aid the decision making process. Therefore, even high school students need to be aware of what they are posting online.


Who am I?

It is kind of ironic that I am creating this blog about making a strong online presence because at the same time, I am making one for myself. I am a college student at Boston University and this blog is part of an assignment for a communications writing class I am taking. As I research to create blog posts I am also learning how to make a good identity for myself on the web. As an aspiring writer who is learning everyday, I feel I may look look back on these posts when I am applying for jobs and feel a bit embarrassed. So take it from me: creating a strong online presence takes time and practice. It is good to have an online presence that dates back a long enough time to show your interest in a skill, career, school, or company. However, as you become better at your craft, you may want to be mindful of previous endeavors you made online and think about deleting them or, if you feel comfortable doing so, showcase them as an example of how far you have come.

How to create a strong online presence:

I hope you will take a look at the posts on this blog that showcase not only why but how to create a strong online presence. My list of dos and don’ts will hopefully be helpful to you.

For more information, check out these helpful websites:

A 7-Step Process for Expanding Your Online Presence by Social Media Today

5 Online Faux Pas That Will Doom Your Networking Potential by Matthew Toren of Entrepreneur

Social Resume Infograph by Kristin Marino, onlinecollege.com


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